Is it possible to kitesurf in Xerokampos?

Kitesurfing in Xerokampos

Our activities are mostly happenning around Xerokampos and Zakros. When we started kiting a few years ago, we immediately realized that Alatsolimni beach would be the perfect spot for kiting. The whole beach is sandy and water is quite shallow for about 80 meters from the shore. It is usually flat without waves. The only downside we found as beginners is the usual offshore Meltemi wind during summer. As we don’t want to end up on the way to Africa, we don’t kite there unless there is a side wind, which happens occasionally. But for skilled kitesurfers this is the perfect kitespot.

Another option is the Mazida Ammos beach, which has very similar conditions, but can be a bit more crowded in the summer. Both beaches are rocky on both ends, so be aware of that. 

We are planning to bring a motor boat sometime and then we will feel safe enough to kite there even with offshore wind. 

Alatsolimni beach

Mazida Ammos beach

Pachia Ammos

Pachia Ammos is a small city located 22 km east of Agios Nikolaos. You will drive through there if you go from Heraklion to Sitia/Irapetra. This place is on the north side of Crete, which means the Meltemi wind is usually heading onshore. This makes it a better spot for beginners and intermediate kiters. Just be aware that you need to be skilled in kiting upwards in the waves because the sea is not so calm, plus there are trees on the beach which you need to avoid. Also the beach is not as shallow as the ones in Xerokampos. The upside is that with good wind conditions, you will usually find here skilled and friendly locals, who can help you get to know the area better.