We are a small group of passionate climbers from the Czech Republic, who decided to develop a new climbing area in the southeast Crete. Our plan is to create a place where likeminded people gather for sports, relax and fun. Building a community and feeling of belonging are important aspects of doing it. We want to share our journey with others. We want everyone to enjoy their life to the fullest and help find possibilities how to do it. Too many people spend their life without living it. Let’s change it!


Our story in Crete dates back about 15 years ago, when we started coming to Crete regularly during the summer holidays. As we passed through the island from one side to the other, we realized that southeastern Crete is the most magical area due to its purity. The raw nature and warm-hearted locals have written deep into our hearts. After visiting the most beautiful beaches on the coast, we began to discover inland nature. We have always known about high mountains and deep canyons of Crete, but we did not realize the climbing potential until the summer of 2016, when Fidži came to Crete for a second explorative mission. After two weeks of driving, descending and ascending many canyons, we had a result: we will start developing a new climbing area in southeastern Crete around the village of Zakros. The reason is that it has at least 5 high quality rock canyons and the beaches of Xerokampos and Kato Zakros next door. This place is a climbers' dream. 
At the end of December 2016, Fidži came to Crete again with his routesetting companion Karel Hronek and the story of the new climbing area has begun writing. They experienced the toughest conditions you can imagine: winds so strong, that ropes were horizontal. However, in one month, they had bolted the first 30 routes in Amatou and Katsounaki gorges. Fidži then kept coming back for exploring and bolting more routes. Sometimes he also had companions, but the most notable climbing areas like Vigla canyon, Gorge of the Dead and Lamnoni gorge he mostly bolted on his own.

climbcrete team

Petr „fidži“ fiala

Executive director
E: fidzi@climbcrete.com
M: +420 603 179 357

Petr fiala

Social media & website
E: pf@climbcrete.com
M: +420 739 992 738

Fidži is the main visionaire and the „do it right now“ attitude type of guy. Our project exists thanks to him.  
He’s been a passionate climber since the 80’s. He was there when sport climbing in the Czech Republic just started forming to it’s nowadays look. Him and his friends opened the first official climbing gym in Brno after revolution. He also has some notable route ascents mainly in Moravian Karst. 
Besides climbing, Fidži is a businessman interested in many niches. His main work activities are real estate development and automated models for stock markets.

Hey, that’s me. I've always been up to any adventure: be it sports, hikes or random travels around Europe and Asia. When my father came up with the idea of starting CLIMBCRETE, I had not hesitated any minute. After finishing studies and quitting a job all at once, I fully joined him and now I’m working on making this adventure accessible for everyone. 

Besides that I am also trying to develop my own projects in real estate and investing. 

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