our favorite beaches

Come check out the top beaches of East Crete


Probably our favorite one for it’s 5 minute walk from our plot and the smoothest sand you can imagine. There are usually only a few to no people, so this place feels like a hidden gem. Clay at this beach is said to have nourishing effects on skin. You can try it yourself! It is located behind the small church of St. Antonios in Xerokampos.

Mazida Ammos

This 2 kilometer long sandy beach is one of our favorites! It is located about 500m west from Xerokampos. You will see it’s shallow and turqoise waters far from the distance. There is only a small market Eolos at the beginning, so get prepared if you wish to spend there the whole day. There are not many trees to hide before the sun, so consider getting an umbrella or rent a one at the beach.
In front of the beach you can see Kavalli islands.

Vourlia beach

Vourlia is by far the busiest beach in Xerokampos. It sure is a beautiful beach with fine sand, but the main bonus are the taverns right behind it and many umbrellas you can rent to hide before the summer sun. 


White sand dunes, shallow turqoise waters and a lot of white sand lilies. This beautiful flower (also called sea daffodil or lat. Pancratium maritimum) can only be seen at a few beaches in Crete. Due to its rarity, it is a protected species by the Greek law. 
Krinakia is in the east side of Xerokampos right next to an entrance to Katsounaki gorge, so make sure to visit it after climbing :-) 


Another huge sandy beach in Xerokampos with shallow water. We find it ideal for kitesurfing and yoga, because there are usually no people. And it’s one of the most beautiful beaches around. 

Kato Zakros

Kato Zakros is a small and unique village with the third largest Minoan town in Crete. It has a special atmosphere and many taverns to go for food or coffee. You can also climb at the local crag. If you are a fan of hikes, you can walk from Zakros down to Kato Zakros through the Gorge of the Dead. It’s a very nice hike with breathtaking views and scenery. It will take you about 2 hours with slow pace. Thanks to all of this, the village with its beach belong to our favorite.

Kalamokanias in Makrygialos

Makrygialos is traditionally the second stop we do on our way from Heraklion airport to Xerokampos (the first is in Selinari in Agios Georgios monastery). There is a beautiful and long beach at the beginning of the city, ideal for cooling down after the drive from the airport. If you decide to spend a night in the city, we recommend you to drive to the typical local village Agios Stefanos for incredible sunset views.


One of the most famous beaches of Crete is Vai, located north of the Palekastro town. It is mostly known for its largest natural palm forest in Europe. The downside is that there are usually many people and thanks to this the place looks a bit like a hotel beach. 
If you don’t mind nudist beaches, walk 10 minutes south to reach a beautiful and not so crowded Psili Ammos beach.


This place is only 2 kilometres north of the famous Vai and only 24 kilometres from Sitia. It is not only a beach, but also an archeological site of an ancient city. It is ideal to have a short walk around the ruins and then take a swim at the beautiful beaches. Also bring your snorkeling accessories because part of the ruins can be seen underwater.  
Overall we find this beach better than the Vai.


This beach is located in the same called village and is better known as a great windsurfing spot. If you are a fan of the sport, this is your paradise. This coastal village is located right next to a bigger town Palekastro. If you want windsurfing lessons, contact our friends at freak windsurf station.