Riding scooters

Get on an adventurous ride

Sounds fun? It sure is.

A scooter? That’s the funny thing small kids ride in skateparks to annoy skaters and bikers right? Well, not these. 

We’ve got 2 electrical scooters that are capable to go up to 25 km/h solely on electrical power. One of them has a mountain bike fork which allows it to go a bit offroad. The second one is good for flat roads. 
And the third scooter is powered by feet, which gets more challenging with steeper roads!

But isn’t it dangerous? Yep, a bit more than a bicycle. You should first get used to the handling before you’re gonna ride it down the Mt. Olymp, but  otherwise there’s nothing hard to learn. 

If you don’t want to go downhill right away, try it around the beaches first. We will rent you the scooters with helmets and teach you the basics to have a pleasant ride!

On the way from Ziros down to Xerokampos. 

Commuting to beach with ease.

Want to rent a scooter?

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