Explore beaches from another perspective

But wait, isn’t it Stand Up Paddle? 

Yeaah you’re right. Based on the name, we should be standing. But, we were 6 people and had only 2 paddleboards, so the decision was pretty clear: 2 people will sail sat down and one in the back will work as an additive motor with fins. Guess what? It turned out to be great fun! Except for the guys working as the additive motors. Nevermind, the sailors enjoyed this trip to Kavalli islands and you can too! 

We are open to rent you our paddleboards so you can also explore the beaches around Xerokampos. We recommend you to sail only in 2 people on 1 paddle. Also consider taking fins and snorkeling equipment as there are interesting things to see underwater! 

Next thing to know: Kavalli islands are quite far from the shore, which we didn’t realize in the beginning and it was quite a work to get there.  

We don’t recommend: going far from the shore if there are waves and wind, or a possibility that weather will significantly change. Currents get stronger as you’re farther from the shore and it can be tough to get back!

Alatsolimni beach

Mazida Ammos beach

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